Thursday, June 30, 2011

Got my new bed!

As things try to buy something you want online ...and it doesnt work for one reason or another...they sell it behind your back while you had a date to pick it up...because someone came right to their door and said they would buy it right now...or for a bit more money...and its gone!  My sofa a month ago...we had a date and he gave it to his brother in law the day I was supposed to pick it up...and he laughingly said ."oh, sorry!"  I would have paid 10 times more than what he was asking...and I told him I would pay more for him not to sell it to anyone else..but he just gave it away!  Im wierd in that I will remember that damn sofa long from now...a lost conquest!  BUT, I DID GET THIS BED!! :)  :)
The lady who sold it to me said her Grandparents slept with this frame for 50 years..isnt that the sweetest thing?  And she said it was at least 20 years old when they bought it... She said it had great karma!  I knew it was an expensive is hand carved and very very heavy. I asked if she knew if it came from out East...she said YES...Probably New York....I just about salivated! I even wonder if it was imported from France or brought over.... This is one of those items I feel blessed and lucky to own...and probably everyone will ask "Where did you get that bed?!"  So...sometimes things work out!  I am super...UBER happy!

I found these ceramic knobs and pulls on etsy....Vintageskye.  I love them and am thinking of them for my kitchen cabinets.  The glass knob actually came from >....I think, Hobby Lobby???!! Of all places and very cheap....but I loved these ceramic ones the best....very unique.

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