Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Lamp Investigation

About a month ago I saw this lamp at a thrift shop in town.  I picked it up and loved it and thought it might have great value...but for some reason I decided not to buy it at only 16.50.  I believe it is solid brass.  That night, I was looking through old issues of House Beautiful magazines and found this picture and little article about this lamp.  I was so angry I didnt buy the lamp as it seemed like the same exact lamp!  Yesterday I took a walk to my local library and did not have my purse but thought I would just stop in and see what was at the thrift store.  There was my lamp!  And it was 1/2 price...down to 8.50!  But I had no money!  So this morning we ran to be there when they opened and I got my lamp!  I am going to try to contact the owner of the lamp from House Beautiful and see if perhaps the lamps are from the same manufacturer and value.  It is different but very similar now that I have it home.  I love to research things I buy...its a fun mystery to try and solve.

The lamp has 2 markings on the bottom....one is 8104 and the other looks to be a symbol in a circle c?? and then 100.

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