Saturday, July 2, 2011

A couple cool things....

Two very cool of my new acquisitions.....loving them!!  Will get the picture re-framed.  The angel can hang on the wall...has a hanger on the back as well as the stand. 


  1. Damn it...I did not get my framed print above...however...I am just going to buy the poster and have it framed to my specifications anyway...I also found many other cheap prints of his that I would love to frame. huge loss...not like something irreplaceable or it was just a print. The angel unique and I have one hour or so left...If I lose the angel I will be upset.

  2. I am beyond upset....some one and its good I dont know who it both of these items....the angel was a very sad loss for me...I actually cried...and banged the husband and daughter thought I had lost my mind. I am better today...but feel I will never forget the angel that got away. So sad.....:(


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