Saturday, November 26, 2011

New house possibility

I am sending this off to cyber space...I have only one follower here....but I need to tell someone.  We had stopped our search for a home until at least Spring.  I had started school and we were also just plain frustrated.  Since I had a pulmonary embolism a month ago and had to drop out of school as a result I found myself bored to tears and looking again for a home for us.  We have seen several which have led to nothing and was more, however, I found this house.  I know it well from the outside...we pass it all the is right in my own town....which is changes for my daughter...and really we do love Stoughton.  It is home and has been for a very long time.  I like that if we stay in Stoughton, when the kids come to visit mom and dad..."Grandma and Grandpa" we may live where we always have lived.  It is comforting and has continuity and seems right.  Close, still,to my parents who will be needing my assistance more and more with each and every year..possibly sooner (as they age).  I have always admired this house.  It is right across from the high school and I have always felt that it was like an old farm house smack the middle of town...a bit out of place but lovely.  It has a 1/2 acre lot...very nice!  Old trees and has the possibility of so much more if we plant and landscape...what fun!  The house is just fine for the style of decorating that I like.  I could make it wonderful!  It is so clean now...shich is really nice.  The tenants now have kept it very nice.  Nothing would have to be done which is awesome.  It is in move in shape.  Just decorate!  It has a nice size kitchen and a formal dining room.....yeah!  It is 2000 square ft.  Even though it does not have a family room I dont feel that we ever would have to add on...all the other homes we have looked at it seemed we would eventually have to add on a family room etc....but I think everything here seems doable...liveable...just fine!  The only thing we could do someday is make the 1 car garage a bigger garage and possibility cream city brick the house..but it doesnt need it...its a very classical white farm house with shutters...nice already!  Very classic.  World...cyber space...God...whoever may hear or read this energy I am putting out there....please help this work out.  I have said so many prayers...but then, I have for other homes as well.  I keep saying what will be meant to be will be....but it has gotten old ....the wishing....the praying...perhaps praying and wishing wrong...I just dont know.  But this feels right...I know this house...I have seen it many many many times...It could be home...easily...I would feel very good about this.  The change/the move would be minimal...just across town.  Please God.......if it be your will...I sure would like this to work.  We see the house tomorrow at 4:15.  The mans name is Nate and he seems very very nice...super someone who would be great to work with ...and has a heart.  I like him already.  I sure hope he likes us.  Here is the house...front and back...I'll post more if we get it....and then as I decorate my new home.  I am trying to be very cant hurt!  Please God.....I am so hoping this is our new home that we are looking at tomorrow.

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