Saturday, January 28, 2012

 The Library up in the attic.  Really awesome space.  This would be our library and my art studio

 Not working but Tim said he could get it working again.
 The attic

 The attic
 The attic.  It also has a kitchenette as well.
 This couch comes with the house...beautiful leather.
 This huge table comes with the house...perfect for my quilting table!  Too large to get down from the attic!
 This room would be the family room has a fireplace
The foyer
The house is nice and is a possibility but has no kitchen and no tub or shower!  It has been used as an attorney's office for years.  Although it is priced accordingly.  We think we actually like the last house I posted to you before better.  It is 50,000 cheaper.  It also needs a kitchen and bath work but the floor plan is somewhat better we feel.The bedrooms upstairs are bigger and it has tons of closet space...this house is lacking in that and the bedrooms are not very big.  The main reason I would want this house is for the awesome attic!!  The taxes are more here as well-1,000 more a year.  But, we now have 3 homes that we are thinking about.  Having looked since early spring...I , for one, am really getting tired of looking.  We have seen like 150 homes I bet...I kid you not! 

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