Saturday, February 4, 2012

My new statue.  It will be a nice accent in the living room which will be greys/whites/ and blues... perhaps on the mantle with other items as well.  It is 21 inches high.
The reason I have not really started this blog like I want to is because we have not moved into the house fact we have not bought the house yet...still looking...but getting there!  So all my stuff has no where to go!  We are hoping that within the next 2 months we will have moved.  Once we move, 2 things will happen.  One, I can show the remodel and the decorating as we go- here in this blog (so it will become more than-here is what I purchased)...and 2, my art studio will be created and I want to do more with my art blog as well.  If and when I am ever finished with the design process in our home...we'll have to figure out what to do then as far as this blog is concerned.  Hopefully it will be able to evolve as I go.  I really enjoy blogging and know that I have only just started.  This has been a good start but plan on so much more!  I want to add videos etc...and just bought a video camera for that purpose.  So, thanks for hanging in there with me as I get started here.

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