Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Should have numbered the houses

 This is a house that is a possibility that we saw in the sleety rain this evening.  The yard is 2.6 acres.  Has a nice drive up circle drive with attached 2 car garage.  Wonderful yard!
 The house had much of what I look for in a house.  Here shows the nice mudroom/laundry on first floor.
 A nice stairwell.  The master is on the first floor. The only reason I would go up here is that my art studio would have to be in one of the larger bedrooms.  The house has way too much carpeting and some fake wood floors which I despise.  But this could be fixed and hardwood put down.

 Has a nice wood burner stove that probably really kicks out the heat.  Not the same to me as a roaring real live fireplace....but a close second.  Better to me than a gas fireplace.  The flame is really burning wood not bad. 
 The kitchen is wonderful but does need work.  New appliances...paint the cupboards white...and put wood floors down.  The eat in dining room is nice...and the cupboard there would be painted to match and chandelier over a table........I can really picture this kitchen being perfect!

 It has a nice formal dining room that is quite large.  I could really work with this! Again, wood floors a must.

 First floor master is nice.  No walk in closets but plenty of huge regular closets..His and Hers. and Master Bath.  The bedroom needs mullions in the windows and crown molding around the ceiling...wood floors...I just know that the pets will wreck the carpeting in about 2 weeks or less!  The carpeting is thick and nice is not cheap.  And it is warmer to step on...but I believe it has to be changed to wood...sooner or later.
 It a possibility but we still like the white house with blue shutters and also 2.6 acres.  (The one with the beautiful sunroom).  This house has a sunroom/porch as well but not even half the size or half as nice.  Its in the running but it is 2nd or 3rd even.  We see another house tomorrow.  Cant wait for this to be over.  We have been looking for over a year now.  Im just so done with this process.  Some days its kind of fun...but other days just plain stressful.  Its a big decision and a lot of money.  Neither of us want to move again...until we need to go to a nursing home...or kick the bucket.  I think all the other homes I have bought I didnt have this mentality...that this was last home.  We just dont want to move again.  We want to get comfy and stack the memories and not have to worry any more about all this. It kind of stinks to have the money when our kids are gone!  We could have used a bigger house we are really looking at more about quality...than space...although all the homes we have looked at are quite large...most do not seem overly large...I look for homey.  And I look at how we use a house and how will use the spaces.  Unnecessary space is cold and useless.  The key is to get it just right.  More tomorrow.

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