Monday, March 19, 2012

 I see these type of prints a lot...I like these very much. I dont care if they arent worth anything...I just like them.

 Nice couch....we are going to pick it up this another state!
 Very nice rugs...Will probably to in my art a place where messy stuff wont hurt them!

I love this ...sorry dont know where the picture originated from but I wanted to remember how I love this easy to install mirrors on the wall WITH the painting and picture light.  Funny that one seems to forget that just because there is a mirror on the wall doesnt mean you cant drill a hole and apply a picture or light or whatever...just an aha moment I had!

Just got this book in the mail today.  Tim and I are going to start going to the Brimfield Flea Market (New England's largest flea market) each year.  We plan on taking many trips throughout the year for buying trips.  Cannot wait!  This book was written about 6 years ago.  Looks good...I have too many books both fiction and nonfiction for research into our new venture...and the weather has been so good its hard to sit and read even though I love to read!  I have spring fever so badly and we even had a very mild winter. 

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