Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just trying out the room on the computer

Without trying too much...I think I sort of an idea of what my library/den is going to look like.  Above is the current room and then pieces I have collected that seem to go together for this room.  We have to fix the couch and chair and clean them well professionally...may have the cushions changed inside as well..
 Since I do not have very many followers as of yet...sometimes I use this site just to see things helps me decide what to do.  ignore if you want.  I am just wondering if I should frame the tapestry above to hang over this green couch.  Im not sure if I like how this is coming together or seems to just have a life of its own...and we dont even own the house yet....accepted offer ...but financing contingincy which we are trying to remove.  I pray I pray I pray...Hoping to close and move May 20...please God......Im tired of looking for homes and this is it for me...the home of my dreams...I love it.  It seems to mine...and say welcome home Laura when I walk in the door and walk the yard....I just feel at peace and like its the perfect home for us.  

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