Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Idea and "oh, what I am missing :( "

 The first picture is from Home blog.  I have always know that one could, of course, paint hutches that you find at thrift stores.  But the idea of breaking out the glass and keeping the gridwork and placing a mirror like an aha moment for me!  AH HA!!!
OH...I am so sad to miss The Brimfield Flea Market's first sale of Spring...and chances are we will miss the whole Brimfield season...Personally, for me I cannot think of much else that would be more fun for me than to spend countless hours and days shopping at Brimfield....Well, I take that back I suppose shopping at the Paris Flea Market would be top on my list...but second----Brimfield!  Next year we will be taking a large truck and I am not taking NO for an answer!  But, we are right in the process of packing to move our whole house and then the actual move, and then just getting acclimated to the new house in enough for one spring and we bought a 40,000 sq ft school that we need to start remodeling for the new Bradley Gallery and Auction yes, I think we have enough to do this whole year.  But next year , Dear Brimfield....we will be there with bells on our toes!!!!  Here is hoping you have safer weather this year than last year!  Remember, the tornado that ripped through just a week or so after one of the weeks of Brimfield Market???.  If it would have hit during it would have killed many more than the 1 person that lost his life!!

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  1. The weather that descended upon Brimfield was terrible, but what a wonderful place to visit!

    - The Tablescaper


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