Sunday, July 24, 2011

A home we are looking at tomorrow morning

This home is in Jainesville.  It is a bit further than I wanted to go.  Edgerton is where we were looking before which is only 1/2 as far...this house is 28 min. from Stoughton.  Not too bad though.  There is a church right next to it...that might be promising as well...but I also need to look into that.  Kind of nice to walk to church in 1 min flat!  You can sleep in AND still go to church!  2300 sq ft...seems like we could brick the house and make it really awesome has a nice acre lot..we could really have some fun landscaping and gardening here!  .I am keeping my fingers crossed about this one...Tim says he thinks its the one..(and he never says that).  I will post pics tomorrow of the inside etc... after we see it if things look promising.  I am praying...that one of these homes works out...I am getting very defeated and frustrated about house hunting.  I have to pray that wherever we end up...whenever we end will be just the right place~! :)

1 comment:

  1. This was awful! Disgusting! I would never live here...we were so disappointed.
    The house had nothing in it worth old home charm was needed new everything...way over priced and right by the highway....very loud....I had all I could not to start crying and run....:(


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