Thursday, August 11, 2011

bummer....for the house yesterday :(

The house we saw yesterday was a real let down.  The inside was not at all what we wanted. The floor plan was all wrong...needed tons of work...the bathrooms were horrid..the kitchen not so good and not that good a space for the even if you remodeled it would be very limited.  Their was tons of uncapsulated asbestos in the hall in the of those..'walk through this bedroom to get to that bedroom' type thing...and the master was hideous, small and had ugly paneling and ugly an afterthought....we were devastated.  The outside was so perfect...the yard wonderful! But no, we are not interested at all in it anymore.....but on the way home we drove around the town just to see what we could see and we found this home....I have a call in to see it today or tomorrow if possible.  Thats all I am going to say about it.....I think I hex my houses I am looking at if I talk about them too here it is...we are going to look at it...I think...but who knows it could have an could have a mess of a basement....many many things are possible....I am getting cynical and pessimistic.  Good thing we are at the end of our summer house search...just a few more weeks and we are done looking and honestly, I think I will be relieved to give it a rest....but I wasnt anticipating finding this house just sort of popped up....more pics and thoughts if we end up seeing it....but for is the outside.

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  1. Wow....apparently this listing is running out and the owner is going to rent to his family or something or do a short sale?--Getting the bank involved and red tape...wierd....That was short and sweet...a possibility for less than 12 hours! Lease we did not waste our time looking at it....I am so tired of this. boo hoooooooooo


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