Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New home we are looking at tomorrow!

This home is what we are looking at at 10:00 tomorrow morning.  I have not been able to think of much else since I found it online....I havent even seen it ...and feel it has to be mine...I know, I am going (have gone) crazy!  Let me tell you...from the outside...it is perfect...Watertown Brick...unique Victorian features...the right square footage...exactly what we are looking for...and get this....Waterfront property!  Can you believe it?  Almost 2 acres of beautiful yard!  It is just what I want...we have looked at other properties like the one before this that also has the same acreage but no waterfront and more money and no neighborhood....THIS home has a nice neighborhood as well!  I really want neighbors.   I love knowing them and helping one another out.  I feel I would be too isolated without a neighborhood...we just dont want to be right on top of one another is all.  And we totally fell in love with the town.  It has an outdoor pool for swimming laps in the summer (and taking the grandkids to when I have them!). And in the Winter months it has an indoor pool...it has churches that are interesting to us..and a very beautiful library.(extremely important to me!).  The Town is full of nice big trees and nicely landscaped and well kept homes.. every home is different.  The river runs through the town so it is very picturesque and there are many shops as well.  Its a decent size town but the Main Street area is quaint and a lot like where we live now...old and full of character...and seems to be full of neat stores and thriving alright in this horrid economy. 
So...heart in hand we go in the morning to see this beauty.  I have no idea what it looks like inside at this point...because there are tenants they will not show pictures of the inside.  However, I am prepared to beg my life away to get this home at this point.  How can it be ugly inside...when it has so much going outside for itself?  Open mind though....definitely open heart...gaping open heart..ready to have my emotions crushed again...but we shall see!  I will post what happens and pics...it all really boils down to what the "owners" will accept.  This is our last property that we will look at for a good long while.  I cant take it anymore and am giving it a brake for awhile while I concentrate on school starting very soon!  I just too emotional about it all and need to step back for awhile.  So...fingers crossed...we go look at one more home.  I hope its the one!
 This is the view from the back yard....lovely isnt it?

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