Sunday, August 21, 2011

wallpaper I like

Today I bought this whole set...for 200.00. (Picture above of their RV mobile home it was in--not my house!)  I thought the background back fabric was like a Venice canal or something kind of European sort of..I was very was Northwoods! (Which I hate)...those are fishing boats and there are salmon and paddles and moose and you know the Northwoods.  I almost didnt buy it..then I thought ...hey, I can just cover that part....and it wouldnt be too hard...I like the leather on the sides and bottom and I like the seat fabric just fine...its just a brown tweed....The recliner was super comfortable and swivels and rocks...and both the loveseat and sofa pull out into beds....very cool.. And all pieces are in great condition...   So, here is some fabric that I am thinking for the back...  I am leaning towards this one right below...I like the blues in it as well...and the next favorite is the antique french script fabric...I think.

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