Sunday, September 25, 2011

I got this at our local thrift shop and my 2 daughters were embarrassed that I grabbed this and put into my cart. They said "you are so not going to buy that Mom!"  But of course I had to have it.  It is about 5 feet long or more... I am going to do something different with it...I dont like the greenish tone to the gold paint.  It will either get painted to look like wood with antique-ing in the crevices or another shade of gold also with antique-ing  or perhaps an off white or white....I just dont depends on where it goes. It is for candles currently...which may be nice...or I might electrify it and have my husband add candelabra bulbs...that might be cool too.  Actually Renovation Hardware has some really nice fake battery operated candles that look really real...I may use those.  I came home and showed my daughters the Renovation Hardware Catalog and told them if this was in there it would be hundreds of dollars!  They were not impressed.  Oh, well....its one of those things I would have kicked my self all over the place later if I had not bought it....for 13$ .  
2 lamps I just bought for either side of my new bed frame.  I now need 2 night stands to put them on...and 2 shades!  I saw these shades at Target to buy...perhaps?????  Or a gold metallic shade....?

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