Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another old house we looked at

 One of the pantrys off the kitchen...the door to the basement on the right side
 The "kitchen"!  Lots of work...but there is space!
 Off of the kitchen is that pantry and a bathroom.
 View from the kitchen into the formal dining room

 A bad picture of the front living room.  There is beautiful pocket doors between all the rooms but someone hung these curtains instead???!! Crazy...

 Back to the kitchen..the side door to a small screened in porch on the side.
 Kitchen sink......would sell it...I would not want this sink.  I need a more modern sink with garbage disposal and 2 sides.

 Formal Dining Room

 Entry way and front door

 View from living room into formal dining
 Living room has this odd fireplace in the corner...why they put it in the corner like this I will never know..
 Beautiful woodwork on the stairs.
 Awesome light fixture that would stay up!!

 This room would be a den/library-reading room with a tv

 This would be the master bedroom

 This would be Amandas room/guest room when she leaves for college.  It has a HUGE walk in closet and is very sunny and bright.
 The walk in closet to the left..

 This room would be a family room area upstairs I think
 This room would be a huge walk in closet for the master bedroom.  This would be the view from the "closet" into the master.
 Master Bedroom...looking into the potential walk in closet room
 Master Bedroom
 Master Bedroom-our realtor---and the strange closet we couldnt get open.  But when we did....
 It was full of rifles!  Weird.... All of the woodwork and doors are awesome!!

 The only bathroom upstairs is a 1/2 bath...with this weird space with nothing in it (shown below)  I think we would create a master bath in the master closet room and then this will be the other bath upstairs and we will add a tub/shower.

The house I had previously posted....we decided did not have enough charm.  It was basically just an old huge house with a weird addition added on the back.  The house we saw today was much better....and cheaper!  It needs new electrical throughout, and the kitchen needs to be... well, put in!  There basically was a place you kind of would call the kitchen but not really!  Thats ok though.  Tim can use his creativity and start from scratch...most homes we are looking at anyway are a total gut. There are 2 pantry areas off the kitchen which is cool.  Bathroom remodels as well.  But we love the floor plan. There are a couple oddities in the floor plan but that is the way it is with old homes.  The woodwork is awesome in this house.

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