Friday, January 20, 2012

Looked at a new (old) house today

 I have no idea what this will has been so bastardized throughout the years...I think this actually part of the front parlor.  Basically we would be taking walls down out and reconfiguring.
 This area will still be the dining room....but will look nothing like this of course.
 This is and still will be the living room...but of course will look nothing like this...the left window is completely and stupidly boarded and dry walled over...what???!!  That is first thing to tear down....
 I know you guys might like this...but I hate these victorian old fireplaces...the only thing I like is the cover...which is kind of cool...but the ugly green chartreuse tiles....ick....I am wondering if we can take the whole thing apart and sell it...I dont know...but I hate it.
 This is actually the other front I said all needs to be reconfigured...
 The kitchen is large....A total gut....but the space is there.

Looked at this house in Baraboo, Wi.  It is huge.  3200 sq. ft.  It has potential but need a lot of work.  My husband thought it would be fun to bring back to glory.   Lots of work...but I agree.  The kitchen is a total gut but at least there is a good space for doing whatever you want in it!  Room for a center island with seats.  It may be fun to do before and after of every room and take our time with it.  Taxes are quite high and will be even higher when they see what we would do with it!  Also, I imagine it will take a lot of money to heat the place in the Winter.  There also is not that much yard to play in....probably my least favorite point to the place.  We are thinking of adding a large greenhouse to the back so that we can smell dirt and play in the dirt all year round.  Attaching some pictures but they are horrible pictures.  This is just a thought at this point.  I wouldnt think about it at all...if my husband wasnt a builder.

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