Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Houses we are seeing this next Sunday- House Hunters

I am liking this wallpaper!  That is so nice when you know you dont have to rip wallpaper off!  I have done it and it is such a huge headache.  This looks toile as far as I can see from the picture.  The kitchen needs a bit of work but I love the floor and the windows and the wallpaper...I see marble counters and an island with chandelier....yummm
The formal dining room.  I am wondering if I like this wallpaper?  I do ...sort of...will have to see what it looks like in person.  The floor needs to be wood here.  I hate carpeting in dining rooms.  Thinking a white large china cabinet here?
This home is on the river and we are seeing it on Sunday along with a house that we have looked at about a year ago.  We are seeing that one for the second time.  It is not even for sale anymore but I called the realtor and she said they would sell it still and will show it to us again.  I don't have pictures of that it is not listed.  But will show pics after we see it on Sunday... The house I am showing you is on the river and I am pretty excited about seeing it.  Tons of character.  We are getting down to decision time believe it or not.  The house we are currently living in is for sale now...the sign went up yesterday.  So, we need to get deciding.  Here are pics of the one of houses for this weekend.
 Here are a few pics below of the other house we are looking at on Sunday.  Hard to find good pics as it is no longer on the market.  I found these pics though.  We have already seen this house a year ago.  So, this is our 2nd look at it.  It has an absolutely lovely yard and gardens.  Will be hard to pick I think between these 2 houses.   The first is on the river but the yard is a bit more manageable.  This yard below would almost need a hired gardener.  All you would be doing in the summer months it mow-mow-mow!  Then again, what better thing to be doing in the summer.  I actually like to mow...with a rider mower that is.  Both house would be awesome with a large green house addition.  My husband is set on building a large European style green house so we can putz in the dirt and smell dirt all year around!  Living in Wisconsin we are sick of Winters.  Thinking about buying a home somewhere in the warmer weather as well...but want to get the main house organized first.  I am not interested in the usual retirement hot spots...does anyone have a spot that they would recommend that is warm and artsy and interesting...perhaps on the ocean?...A small beach house would be nice.  Taxes are somewhat an issue...I dont want to buy a house and then pay an exorbitant amount of taxes to maintain.  So, we'll see.   First things first....our main home.  Also, I need to set up my art gallery again and hire help. We are going to add a theater/stage this time and classrooms for an "art school" as well as a cafe..some food/coffee/micobrews and wine.  So between decorating my new house and setting up the new gallery, I may be busy for a year or 2.  I wont be able to leave my baby (the art gallery) until I can be sure it can run without me just fine for awhile.  I miss my gallery every day....cant wait to start it again.  But need to make sure I choose wisely for location of it.  Needs to have better traffic than the last gallery but of course, this damn economy needs to pick up!!!

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