Sunday, February 26, 2012

1 OF 5 BEDROOMS UPSTAIRS.  Large screened porch that is huge.

Another large bedroom upstairs with screened porch access as well.  I think this would be my art studio.  Red Carpeting goes...yuck!  And Wallpaper goes all so.

3rd bedroom upstairs.  Really neat windows.

4th bedroom upstairs with beveled windows....just gorgeous and wrought ironed patio porch out the french doors!

 Full bath..separate shower and tub shower combo as well.  Really nice just needst the wallpaper to come off and a few new touches.

Beautiful hall way with lovely paneling on walls upstairs

Laundry room and another 3/4 bath upstairs.  Just needs some loving touches.  Wood floor under all carpeting.

At the top of the stairs...look at the lovely view ...everywhere you look there are these views.

This is the den/library/office space

Gorgeous foyer and lovely stairs...

Another view of the den/library/office ...looking into the dining room

Downstairs 3/4 bathroom.  Needs some updating.  Dont know if I would keep the peach tile or not...that color is kind of in now....but will it be later?

Love this kitchen...See it with wood floors...white cabinetry...marble counters and cabinetry a nicer table and no plastic porch furniture!

Another view of the kitchen and into the dining room

The formal dining room with large working fireplace!  Lovely

View of the office from the formal dining room

The very large living room with awesome working wood fireplace.

Another view of the living room on the other side

The 3 season room that we would make into a 4 season room.  We would add either electric heat or a gas stove.  Probably the later.
This is out of sync but it would be the master bedroom.  Has fireplace as well.

I am liking this house the best out of all the houses so least this evening.  We are playing the HGTV game of which 3 do you like the best.   This house won.  But we are still pondering for the next couple days. 

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