Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More houses we are looking at_ House Hunters Laura Style!

This is a house that has been for sale a long time...owned by the bank.  It is beautiful on the outside but needs a huge amount of work in the inside as it has completely taken over inside by a daycare for like 20 years.  It is priced accordingly.  It seems to me that it could be brought back to its former glory with work.  As my husband is a builder we could do this.  The taxes are already really high though and after we fix it will even go higher.  Something to think about.  I dont want to be paying the price of a normal house payment mortgage even though the house is payed off.  But it could be a very good investment as our town's housing is fairly high and this house could easily double or triple when the market and economy gets better and my husband brings it back to its former glory.  We are seeing this house on Saturday.  I probably will not post any pictures of inside as it needs a lot of creative imagination to see it in the future....maybe I will with thoughts of what I am thinking in my head....we'll see how the pics turn out.  Cant you see this all fixed up?  It has a nice fenced in yard with mature trees and a 2+ car attached garage.  We are also seeing 3 houses in another city on Saturday...       
This house is in foreclosure status so we are not sure we can deal with it....but it is my style and the price is right.  We are looking at it anyway.
This is a really grand home also in the same city we are looking at on Sat.  It is however 100,000 more than the other 2 and actually on a corner lot on a very busy street on one side.  But it is lovely isnt it?  These 3 homes are in a city that is an hour away...kind of far I think.  Although we love this city and I had worked in a church here years ago when I was a pastor.  I know I love the community.  I just wish it was a little close to my aging parents.  That is a consideration for me as they are going to be needed more assistance from me as time marches on here.  
This Victorian I have wanted to see for a long time...there has been problems showing because the owner is in jail.  Weird story.  But a lovely house hey?  I kind of even like the green...sort of would probably grow on me.  I just love this porch.  This is at a really good price and we are also seeing this on Saturday.  Needs a new garage I can see by the pictures.

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