Monday, February 13, 2012

Just trying out some I can see it on screen.

 Just working on this color scheme....and below here...I love the color of this mirror

 Thinking about these lamps ...there are 2 and this chair( Need quite a bit of work...)
 This piece of art I love...need to get it framed.  I did not get went too high with the bidding.  Oh well, I will just paint it myself.  I kind of wanted in bigger anyway.  It kind of looks like a game my kids and I played while in the car traveling.  We would close our eyes and scribble all over and then the other person would make something of adding lines and shading one daughter still likes to play it and shes 17!  Im bummed ...I really really loved this piece of art!
 Already own this lamp.  It needs a shade.  I am liking all these colors together.  I have a rose tufted couch but it really needs a lot of work...reupholstered...but I think I may do it a rose color again for this room.

I like the wall treatment here...dont think the rest of the room is put together very nicely though...too random.
Got this couch today that matches the chair.  I am very excited about these 2 pieces!  Love the color.  They just need to be cleaned and a little bit of woodwork fixing needed.  My husband is good for that!  Hes pretty handy with wood as he owns his own construction company.  Someday I may take a class in upholstery.   I just am not much into sewing...which is funny as I am a quilter.  But art quilts is not the same as a sewer who knows how to make clothing etc....I am not sure I would be very successful in upholstery.  But I really wish I could be as I see so many pieces that I wish I could transform and nice furniture is expensive!

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