Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thoughts about house pick

We are really down to the end now.  We see our last 2 houses tomorrow but I am not holding my breath with those.  I think I have found my home with the house last shown.  I cant stop thinking about it and if someone made me choose in 5 sec. it would be that house.  So, I think that is the answer.  Its the house that makes me the most excited to start decorating and move in. 

This is a picture of a couple pieces of artwork that we own.  I want to use one of these for above the fireplace in the living room. They would fill the whole space up.  They are large pieces.   I need to get them both framed.  We liked them unframed but they are warping too badly.  I am thinking of interesting ways we can frame these.  My framer has become a good friend so she can help with thoughts as well. I also think about my love of putting a huge mirror above the fireplace. I can do this in the dining room and in my bedroom where the other 2 fireplaces are though.  Really am putting the cart before the horse here but am just having a bit of fun.  Do not know what color scheme we would have in the largest room...the living room.  The family room to the back of the house is really the size of large bedroom....not bad but this room above is the largest.  Most times with decorating I feel it just happens and it usually ends up fine.  But with this house I am going to plan more.  We were renting this last house...thus the spec home cabinets and the Plain Jane wall colors etc....we were never going to stay here too long.  I have been biting at the bit to start decorating in my OWN home.  I have been like a dancer in a wheelchair. 

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