Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ok...I am buying this weird painting which I really did not look closely at.  At first glance...I looked at the coloring and the classic nature of this painting...thinking it looked Italian or French in then I looked better and realized it is of a man who has just beheaded another man...whos head is on the ground. Blood all over the standing ones torso..and dripping down his leg...  OK...WTF!  Do I really want this creepy painting in my house.? gross...and life size almost to boot.  This might just be too creepy for me.....I was going to spend tons on a frame and figuring out how to help the crazing and cracks...which are considerable as well!  Sometimes I dont make the best decisions.  Or do I?  What are your thoughts?  Where would this be the least offensive in ones home?  Is it too gross or does it show a past common way of history!  I just dont know.

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