Sunday, March 4, 2012

Santos thoughts and a wonderful book!

 I love these decorations for the wall.  I am trying to have a Santos Collections but am finding them hard to find.   Number one...they are too expensive normally...and number 2- I sometimes do not like them...I am very specific about what type of figures I like.  I dont like them to be spooky or haunting if you know what I mean.  But these are 2 pieces that go with this companies Santos Collection that I really like for the wall.  My intention is to create a Santos collection "area" in my home...thus making all the pieces by one collective collection and artwork piece.

I got this book out of the library a while ago.  I  know that this is a loving all things french blog and normally I do love publications that are very french in decorating.  However, I sometimes am quite eclectic.  I think this lends itself to a more home like and lived in home. Plus, its just my quirky personality!  This book was awesome!  I rarely find a book that "teaches" or inspires with decorating.  I may someday write a book regarding decorating because of that fact.  This book WAS helpful.  I agreed with many of his thoughts.  I will buy this book as it is one that I will want to pick up and look at again...which is saying a lot!  Thus, I felt I should share with you!

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