Saturday, April 14, 2012

I hate packing! And still I acquire new stuff to pack!

I am so tried of packing and I just is so very overwhelming to me...I hope to God that this is the last move.. but take a break from packing we went antiquing today...cause we love to do that on a weekend....and I found these 2 Asian Men....They are so awesome!  They both have water barrels that hang from them..but I already packed the 2 water barrels...It took me almost a half hour to pack these...and I am thinking I must be nuts to be getting such fragile items while we are moving....They are porcelain and I am just praying they make it to the next house all in one or I should say 6 pieces!  Right now there are perfect.  We are guessing they are from the 50's or 60' not too old..they are not marked at all.  But one of those things I love regardless of what their worth is...they are worth lots to me ...cause I love em!  Hopeing they fit on one of my fireplace mantels.  The problem with placing things like this on table we have a cat...a cat who is always trying to get away from our dogs...and jumps up on table tops quite a bit...fragile items do not do too well.  We love our cat...but I dont think we will get another after Twinkie is gone...she is such a happy cat though that she will probably outlive us!  And we Do love her so.  Pets are destructive though arent matter how good they try to be!

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