Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Went to visit my new clock

Hi there!  This weekend we bought this antique Asian clock.  I just fell in love with it.  It has some dings and someone had bastardized it by electrifying it.  However, you wouldnt probably know this unless you opened the front and saw the inerds were gone.  I still love it and feel its priceless. Some things, I dont care if they are bastardized...(my word--for wrecking originals) if I still feel they have artistic and decorative use for my own home. ....which this clock does.  As far as its worth more than I am paying...not sure...but it probably will never be for sale again..in my lifetime!  So, I took a walk to the store to take pics of the clock before tomorrow when we pick it up and bubble wrap it up completely for the move to our new house.  I wanted some pics...but the store was closed!  So, I took these pictures from the very dirty store windows outside looking in...so bad pics... I always have a probably very wierd feeling about items...like they love me and they are waiting for me to take them to their new home....I know wierd....cant help it.  I also feel this way about perennials and trees and bushes.  I feel they are "happy" to be in their new home...my yard...and I say a little welcome to your new home type speech...I hope you love it living in my yard!....and talk to them while watering...I know I know...weird.  Oh well...living with what you love...is really the best and most key thing to good interior design....so there!  Here is the clock...or what I could see of it from the window!  On the other side is a geisha girl in red...so beautiful.  I am in love...the only thing is I wish the clock were twice the size...but it is what it is.  I will find the perfect spot for it.

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