Monday, April 30, 2012

New Blue Willow and Antique Wellsville Plates

2 new acquisitions.  These plates are like 18" x quite large.  I love them for the wall.  Neither has a any cracks or chips...nice.  Love them~ they are both vintage.  The top is

Antique Wellsville Pioneer Pottery Semi-Porcelain and then the bottom is Blue Willow.

 My new bird love love for my "Asian inspired room".  The colors are perfect...the peachy pinks, the greens...the gold love love.

 I have a 2nd runner up house...if the house we have the offer on falls through for some reason.  This house is very near the other (2 blocks) and is a English Tudor....I usually do not think they are my style...but this one is.  Very light inside...loads of windows and some painted white walls and will be option 2...I believe ...unless it sells very quickly...there are many showings since the price whatever...what will be will be.  K-sera.

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  1. Wow what a home...Your newest follower...Come over for a visit soon...Blessings Lori


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