Saturday, April 28, 2012

We bought a school!

The Front of the school.  It is 3 full floors

This shows where the auction house will be...will will reinstall the large windows you see boarded up.  This was the old gymnasium.   There is also the indoor theater in the gym.

Needs new windows...but the brick is in great shape.

Well, we did it.  We bought the new home for The Bradley Art Gallery and Auction House!  A 44,000 sq ft old school.  Call us crazy...but its ours!  We will  have a fine art gallery, and auction house and consignment and antiques shop, art studios space, art studio apartments, art classroom space, bistro/bar, inside and outside theaters and outdoor art sculpture and gardens and nursery.  The whole kit and kaboodle!  A little at a time.  First we gut the whole inside of the building... getting rid of mold, asbestos, and lead paint!  This is a job for some other crew!   Then we fix the roof ....then the fun starts.  What is nice is the brick work on the outside is amazing and well done.  So, besides the roof there is little outdoor fixing to do...which is nice.  Amazing.  Its only 35 min from our new travel to and from is just fine with no traffic really to deal with and its close enough to Milwaukee, Chicago, Beloit, Janesville and Madison to get people to come.  It will most definitely be worth the trip from anywhere...there will be so much going on here....I am very excited.  We keep looking at each other and saying...."We just bought a huge school!"......and shake our heads.  Everything will work out just fine!

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