Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Twink, my cat....somehow tired from all the packing I have done!  Really Twink is in her element totally!  The more boxes around the better...boxes are her favorite thing!

I have not been doing much but packing for awhile now.  I am so hoping that it will work out that we can move slowly into our new home and not have to do it in a day.  I hate that.  If everything goes right we will have plenty of time after we get our key and have to be out of this house (which we have just been renting).  I cannot stress enough how I hope I never have to move again until I move into a nursing home or die.  It is just, to me, one of the worst things to do.  I hate it...things break...finding boxes is hard..packing materials...the heaviness and back breaking work of it!  The wonder of why I have what I have....and wondering if I should just get rid of everything and start all over!  There are things I love but really my tastes change with each house I live in....somewhat guided by the style of house...the square footage...the types of #s of rooms... the number and location and size of windows....each house is a different canvas. 
Once we move, I am trying to figure out how to use my new video camera and also how to maximize the traffic on this blog.   It has been surprisingly low...especially compared to my other blog for my artwork.  That filled fast...this is just straggling with a few followers.  So, my job once I get to our new home is to revitalize this blog.  Adding some hopefully cool content...videos..before and after photos..more direct decorating photos and content of my own home....I have been purposefully leaving that out thus far as we do not own this home and I have known we were moving for a long while so I did not want to include my own house too much.  I really have just gotten to the tip of the iceberg with this blog..and have been trying to learn how to finagle around with it.  As well, I also have been finagling with my art blog.  Both, I hope to get running well.  We will be opening our fine art gallery again as well as an Auction House and Consignment Shop for antiques and art.  I also want to start buying storage units as well as running estate sales.  We have had the art gallery for years so I know that aspect of the business but want to really spice the whole thing up with diversity. I have been spending copious amounts of time researching all that we want to add to the mix.  There is a lot to learn.  But I am a stubborn and excitable person..when I want to do something ...it happens! We will also be selling outdoor sculpture and  plants as well as have an outdoor theater for concerts and plays... etc.  When we had the gallery everyone asked if we sold beer and wines and we did not...this time we will and we are thinking too of adding some food to the mix...if we have room and can build a kitchen where we are going.  This site will also be about where we find our new gallery.  Later, if it takes up too much space here I will add a 3rd blog ...one just for The Bradley Art Gallery and Auction House/Consignments/Estate Sales....Have to figure out how to add everything in the title..somehow.
Need to fill my coffee cup up one more time and then go for an hour walk! 
Have a wonderful day and peace to your hearts!

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