Friday, April 27, 2012

New bronze sculpture and new location possibility for business

Hi there!  I have talked and talked about our moving to a new home and this is still going on...I am packing up a storm and we will be moved during this next month.  I have bought a new video camera and am figuring out how to use it and I am so ready to tackle the new/old home renovations and decorating!  We are going to try to tackle on one room at a time.  There are 12 rooms including the bathrooms for decorating.  I think this will be like trying to eat one thing at a time when your whole plate is full of yumminess...but we are going to try to do it one room at a time.  I think kitchen or our bedroom area will be first.

We also are looking at a place to do our new fine art gallery and auction house.  This is a building that we are looking at tomorrow morning.  Do you think 44,000 sq ft is enough???!!  Probably!  This would be room for our fine art gallery, auction house and antique consignment shop and gallery, art studio rental for artists + living quarter studio for artists as well, indoor and outdoor theater, small bistro and bar, and even the outdoor sale of garden sculptures, garden plants and perennials.  My husband is really into the greenhouse, gardens, and outdoor art sculpture part of the business.  This is a huge project.  Not sure if this location is the best...but we will look at it and give it a thought.  The plan would be to do one aspect and area of the building at a time...just like with our to not overwhelm us!  This is a beautiful building though and could be perfect!
This is my new sculpture I just bought...I do love it...but I did not realize how heavy it was!  This is going to cost me a mint to have it sent..Its like 40 some pounds...whoops!  Every once in awhile I make a mistake :)!!!!  However, I do love the feeling of this statue...very calm boy...very IS nice.  From the weight of it youd think it was bronze but it has some cracks and chips and repairs so I know it is not.  Looks like it though.

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