Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This house would make sense

3 acre lot

Look at this ceiling..have you ever seen a more beautiful ceiling in a home.?


 Back or side entry

Kitchen has an awesome pantry -2 actually!

Beautiful formal dining room goes out to the breakfast outdoor nook...perfect for a bed and breakfast or if you want to pretend you are in the South of France With a glass of wine and chocolate croissant after dinner!

The reason for the perfectness of this home for us...is we can have a bed and breakfast...(we are walking distance to the college) and have 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms..each one!

Master Bedroom with separate dressing room with fireplace..

Upstairs laundry area


  1. looks like a perfect house for a bed & breakfast , hope you get it

    thanks for stopping by my blog

    1. Hi Curtains in My Tree! Welcome and thanks! Bear with me on the blog...I will be making it even better as time goes on...still learning :) Im off to go garage saleing!


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