Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello--things are going slowly!

Well.  Not much in the way of getting anything done with the house.  It has been hot for one thing.  Also, my husband is finishing up some business with his job and by the time he gets home...too hot and too tired.  I understand...I guess.  But it has been very trying for me not to see any thing...and I do mean nothing....done!  Like I said, we are starting in the not too fun anyway.  But I wander around the house not knowing what to do.  I do not really want to unpack there is not even 1 room that is finished at all to even want to begin to decorate.  So, the question is, as I stare at the boxes...what to unpack...if anything?  Would it all just be safer and easier leaving it all there?  I have never once moved where I had to think about this.  I have never remodeled before....and certainly not a whole house.  I have never moved into a house that is in such bad shape.  I am completely and totally overwhelmed and wondering if I should check in to the psych ward...most days.....what were we thinking???!!!!  Not being able to do anything...even cleaning like a normal house would need is not really needed.....except the kitchen..and its so gross we have been eating out a lot!  I dont have my laundry hooked up I cant even do laundry.  I am not cooking or baking as again, the kitchen is gross.  I am not unpacking my baking and cooking things....until I have a nice new kitchen.  I told my husband there will be no recipes made...its simple fare only.  The trouble with all what do I do?  Cant decorate...cant start working on the house...(without my husband starting me on doing some project...I would have to say I am pretty useless on my own in that regard.  Once he gets me sanding wood and scraping etc....I'll b e helpful..but till then)....  I cant clean ..there are boxes everywhere.....we definitely do not want to do landscaping or gardening we will wreck a lot of it when we brick and change the outside of the house.  Plus it has been way too hot to be outside for long...and we have had NO a severe drought is not the time to plant or garden.....lets see...what else cant I do...oh, I cant do my not even know where all my supplies are and even if I knew...I cannot be artsy in this mess...I just cant.  So...hows that for my pity party!  I am in LIMBO LAND..... The only thing I am enjoying is swimming/water aerobics with my new swimming lady friends at the pool across my street.  For an hour a day...I have purpose!
I had my husband take me out shopping last weekend...not something we should be doing right now...but I needed to.  We went to my favorite buy and sell shop/antiques near our house.  The owner and I have very similar is dangerous.  I did find a beautiful framed print for above my bed in our bedroom.  Here is a picture of it...with my bed. (We still dont have our bed set up!)  Actually, the color of the bedroom probably wont be too different than this blue...just slightly lighter with more grey....I do love this picture.  I would have to say..I needed some shopping therapy.  It makes me happy just to look at it and it fits the look I have in my head for my bedroom.
The other picture is of the start of my blue and white pottery pieces getting stacked on an old radiator....just a glimpse of my old stuff...someday there will be a hutch there for all my pieces...
I so need at least 1 room to get finished ...or even started on!  I am ready to start hanging out at my mom and dads until then...I literally cannot stand this...I walk around like a zombie in limbo!!

Paul Montgomery this for one wall in my bedroom

I finally found my comforter set....and it isnt too expensive...the one I wanted originally was like 2,000 for everything I wanted....yah...right!?  I know decorating can be expensive but no way would I spend that kind of money....Im a great thrift shopper...I pride myself about this.  I do get new things and not just antiques, thrift or estate sale items....but seriously...once you start shopping this way...#1 ~you end up with unique things no one else has...and #2 ~ You dont feel guilty about the $ you spend (as much ! :)  Anyway, I have been shopping for a comforter set for soooooo long....and the one I found was discontinued as I waited too long.  I couldnt get it out of my head...I think I like this one better...sometimes it works out that way.  The colors in my new bedroom will be light blues, greys, golds/tan and shown in the above pics...  I am happy.  It will be ordered very soon....yea...I feel good about this.  Your comforter/bedspread really is important I think in the look of the whole room.  We have a King Size bed...and its the biggest thing in the room...and of course, as in most bedrooms, is the focus of the room. 

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