Monday, December 24, 2012

switching the fireplace out

New old corbels that will be painted white...and added to my remodeled fireplace. 

This is what I want my fireplace to look like when I am done...although I want to add marble around the fire box ..I think here it is limestone...will also add the corbels somehow...on the sides...
Here is my dark dark fireplace currently.  The wood work -bookshelves and windows will all be painted white as well to match....this will be fun and a fast change.  So glad that the wood work is already scraped off all the paint and with a little sanding...its ready to paint....yea...the scraping of the wood work really takes soooo much time. 

This I am ordering for above my kitchen table....greys, blacks and whites in the table and chairs under this chandelier.  Price is very right...Home Depot to the rescue!  Under 200!!!  I think it looks expensive...and least in the picture...we'll see. 

It is Christmas  Eve day and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I sold my first e-bay item this I have to figure out all the details on how to get paid and send it correctly.  Oddly, the first thing I sold is going to Indonesia!  Wasnt expecting that.  She has already paid...but I cant get at the money until it is sent...which bumms me out as now I have to pay it out of my pocket and then get reimbursed...but at least I can see that it is in my paypal account so I know I will get paid.  Ebay is kind of fun!  I have so much stuff to get rid of all the time that it really makes sense! 
My husband and I are looking at a new space for my art gallery/antique store.  We are days from signing the and info to follow.  Too soon to toot the horn.  This space though is like 3 times the space...over 4,000 sq ft instead of the 1,000 sq ft of my past store.  The idea is to have the bottom 2400 sq ft to be the art gallery and antiques/consignment/estate sale items...and possible auction house...and the top area will be my fiber Art Emporium / Fiber Art Creative Store....all things fiber...quilt store/yarns/felting/weaving/rug hooking/ classes /workshops etc...We are also looking at the space/store right next door which was a bar...and then we will have a coffee shop/cafe included...there are 2 archways which already can be opened to the other shop easily.  I am opting for getting both spaces....but my husband wants to start with just the one place.  I do know that I am biting off alot at once...but no one says it all has to open at once.   In fact, we will just do the art gallery/antiques first .....then the fiber store....THEN the coffee joint.  I am giddy with excitement about it all.  I tried to take pictures but my camera batteries went dead just when I got there.  So, pictures later....IF it all work out.   
Merry Christmas to you all....all 7 of my!  Its funny...sometimes I have 8 followers and sometimes ....that ok , I still like to use this as my outlet for my decor and other I dont mind...writing this out to just about no one in cyber space.....but love to my 7 followers for sure :)  <3   :)

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