Monday, January 14, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I forgot ...cant believe that I write down my New Years Resolutions.   Never too late.
 1.  Pick up a used cello and start at some time this year to take lessons.
2.  Spend the money on Rosetta Stone and start to learn French...notice I say start to learn...this isnt anything, nor is the cello, that I will learn in a year....they key is to START this year on #1 and #2.
3.  Finish the first room (Master Bedroom) and finish one more more on the remodeling of our large house.  So, by the end of the year, I shall have 2 rooms completely decorated and remodeled.  This does not sound like a lot but with costs the way it is...and having to buy a new mattress, night stands, rugs etc...2 rooms finished sounds awesome! Plus,  I would like to have ALL of the upstairs windows replaced with Anderson (or the like) new windows.
4.  Need to walk more.  Everyday is a goal...but need to feel good about 5 times a week.
5.  Make better choices for diet...less desserts, snacks, processed foods and alcohol and watch portion sizes. 
6.  Read at least 2 books a month.
7.  Spend time EVERY DAY on creating something artful.  Even if it is just a half hour.
8.  Work on marriage and Tim has agreed to a weekend visioning trip.  Each year we want to go on a visioning trip working on both our individual selves and our dreams for our marriage.  Hoping to do this in February each year relating to/and combining with  Valentines Day.
9.  Go to church on a regular basis. After all, its right across the street!
10.  Steps towards new business!  I would like to have it STARTED this year.  We already have the space picked we just need to sign the papers and start paying and start remodeling and setting up the business ...Downstairs business/ The Bradley Art Gallery-Buy and Sell store-Consignment/Furniture/Antiques/Decor store first  and then another year start The Fiber Art Emporium upstairs.(All things fiber art...quilt store, fabrics, notions, yarn, wool etc....  The Bradley Cafe next.  Coffee shop/ cafe.  Live music. wines/beers  Assorted breakfast quiches everday/baked goods(muffins and scones)..for lunch..soups of the day/bread/salad..+. panini sandwhiches/chips/salad..  Good desserts, cakes, cheescakes, bars and cookies. choose from all day.  Great coffees and teas all day.  Live music Friday and Saturday nights serving wines and beers.  Get the outdoor patio all set up cute....increase deck space...add gas fireplace.. buy tables/chairs/umbrellas and make space for outdoor live music.

Enough....I will be happy with half of these accomplished for sure!

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