Monday, February 13, 2012

Odds and Ends of looks and items I love

 I think I am loving black walls.  Thinking of trying this with my family room and painting the woodwork white.  I think I may do one accent wall metallic gold.
 I am a fiber artist so I always love tapestries.  I love the texture of this room and the colors.  Always one of my rooms--usually the one my husband spends the most time in (and the tv is in) needs to be warm color tones.
 A new blanket I just got for my family room.  The colors are browns/reds/golds/black in the room like above.
 I love the colors in this room.  Trying to figure out if I want the formal living room to be the basic greys/blues and whites....or to make it more artistic and unique with some different colors.  This is really more me.  Doesnt this room just feel like fresh spring air and birds singing.  I would like to spend time in this room.  I feel like it would lighten my moods.
 These are York's new line of wallpaper and faux paneling wallpaper below.  I love the teal and brown colors.  I can see this in my dining room with pink peonies in the middle of the table. 

 Because I tend to have a lot of art....this is how my walls usually tend to become!  My mom and dad cant stand it when they come over.  To them, its tacky....but actually love this look!  I wouldnt want it in all my rooms but some rooms its very nice!  (If done well).
 Sorry I dont know where I came across this...but I love it.  If I figure out where it came from I will post it.  I love it for bathroom or kitchen.
 I always think because I am a painter that I could do these walls and make it look right....but I am so afraid that it would look tacky.  Seems like it would be hard to make it look vintage and just right.  I especially like the one on the bottom here.

 I love how the mirror is behind the painting.  I think I will do this somewhere in the house only I think I like the mirror framed on the wall better than just the plain edge.
 Here are the rugs that I was talking about in the title of this blog.  The are from Ballard Designs.   They arent too much money and I think they are so perfect for the kitchen.  That chalkboard look.
 I dont know where I found this picture but I just love this house.  This is totally my style of house.  It makes me happy to look at it. 

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