Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some of you had wondered about the stone house.  It is still a possibility but not our favorite for these reasons:

 Although this is the gorgeous back yard...includes MANY Canadian geese!....a very busy highway is just to the right.  Bummer.  Quite noisy...which is odd with this view...its like an oxymoron!  This view though is stupendous! 

 This house comes with 3 lots.  One for sure which is buildable to the right.  My husband likes this as we would build a home and sell it.  I, however, would rather it just stay woods to both sides.  It counters somewhat the highway noise.  In the spring, summer and early fall....the noise would be better as the leaves would buffer it.  I wish I could hear the difference now.
 Shows the little screened porch of the master bedroom and the 3rd lot to the right.
 View of the back yard
 Beautiful kitchen!  I almost want to buy the house just for the kitchen alone!
 Look at the view from the is priceless!

 We would put in a new gas stove and get rid of these 2 old stoves.
 Lovely dining room with view of the river.  Needs hardwood floors.

 Beautiful entry way...however it blocks the natural light from the living room in the center.

 The living room is the room I have the most trouble with.  It is very dark.  All the walls and ceilings of this home-because it is all masonry on the outside, are cement block.  The walls and the ceilings...the house is probably bomb proof!  However, it lends a feeling of basement to the house.  This living room feels dark and windowless which it kind of is.  Tim and I are trying to figure out how to make it less so. 
 By removing the piece in the middle here it would open up the room to more natural light and I think would help considerably.

 Might even take out the bookshelf on the left as well as the middle shelves.
 Hall way to the master bedroom on the first floor.  I may ask for that piece at the end as well as the artwork to be included!  We were already told none of the furniture would be included though...there are some nice pieces!
 View from living into dining on the left and kitchen at the end.
 One of the upstairs 3 bedrooms ....walk out deck.
There are 2 other small bedrooms.  One issue we have is there is no family room.  But there is a huge 3 season room that Tim could make into a 4 season room for our family room.  There is also no room for my art studio.  I guess Tim could put 2 bedrooms together upstairs and make into my studio.  However, the house is the most expensive of all the houses on our potential list.  When we see it doesnt meet needs right off the makes it go down on the list.  It really does have it beauty points though...I just love the kitchen and view!!!  And I am in the kitchen a lot!

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