Friday, March 2, 2012

We put in an offer!

We put an offer in on this home last night!  It is almost surreal. I am on pins and needles...all worrying and husband is so calm.  Hes says it will all work out...dont worry!  How can people be this way?  I have put so much into this year long search....really all my heart and soul.  Now, we finally have made a huge decision and I cant believe it.  You see, I plan on living in this house through grand children (who have not arrived yet...and old age!)  I plan on never moving out...thus, if I live an old old life...I could be in this home for over 40 years!  To me this is hugely important as my home is the house for much of my soul...somewhat like my body is the house for my soul....since I pour my soul into my home and feel it breathe....its alive with me!  Those of you who love to nest and decorate in your home will understand.  Sometimes when I take walks at night I love to look in the windows (from the street) of the homes I pass.  I simply cannot believe the painful emptiness and weird-or no decoration in the homes as they stare at their tvs.  Although I do watch tv sometimes...there is usually too much else to do that is fun and many books to many paintings to paint or rugs to hook or quilts to quilt...too many nooks and crannies to fill..too many decorating blogs to read!!:)  I feel like looking at the empty pictures of this home is like looking at my future...I hope.  My girlfriend and husband basically say...if its meant to be it will be.......I have such a tendancy to MAKE it and try to WILL it happen.  Sometimes I think this helps...sometimes I think it makes me crazy.  Right now...I am pretty crazy....thinking of nothing else....couldnt sleep all night.  Even if they do isnt over till the fat lady sings....we have to remove our contingencies before a certain date or we could get bumped.  So,  its going to be awhile yet before I can truly be excited and not worried and at peace.  I have to stop decorating each room in my I may not have this this point it could go either way. 

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