Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love these prints

I have to do some research as to where these can be bought...I know I bookmarked it...will post when I figure it out.  They were quite pricey..I 525.00 but they came framed for that price in a white distressed frame.  Do love to go with my Willow Ware- blue and white pottery---my dining room.


  1. OMG Laura, I LOVE these!! I hope you get them. Better you than me spending that $ on them! But they look totally worth it :)

    1. Hey thanks for following...I am fairly new to this and lots of plans for the blog...but dont have a lot of followers yet...kind of been hurting my! :)

  2. You know...I am sort of thinking...I know I am an artist...and I know its not nice to copy...but....could I paint this...or stitch it...or rug hook it?? (And I dont mean latch hooking...the real rug hooking which I love to do?) Just thinking...


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