Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finally getting a few things done!

 A couple "before" shots of the master bedroom.....

Whala!   The ceiling in this room is done....we are celebrating small successes!!  This whole house remodel is a lot of work!

The demolished old closets which will become our whole closet of our master bedroom.

My parents have been in the hospital in and out all summer with something called c. diff.  which is a highly serious contagion that is hard on the elderly.  It has been overwhelming and I have been living on and off with them quite a bit to help.  That, coupled with a lack of funds have sent our whole house remodel into deep freeze!  We were going to start in the upstairs bathroom and then the kitchen but those 2 places are the most expensive and our funds have been short.  So...we have started with the master bedroom.  So far, we have finished the ceiling and added my chandelier.  My husband is almost done texturizing the walls and we are going to strip the white paint off of the window moldings and the 2 doors in the room so we can re paint them nicely.  Then, new windows!  We will then refinish the floors and paint the walls.  I have not purchased the bed comforter when I do, we can pick the right color for the walls and paint..but hey, something is ceiling!!! yea!!!  I just bought the wood shutter screen last weekend at an antique mall....I have been looking for just this thing...for my new will go in the corner behind my reading chair. I will keep in the greyish color that it is old paint and really neat.   The last picture is of our smashed in walls of what WAS the closets in those rooms...this will be our walk in closet of our bedroom....(the other room we are working on along with the master bedroom.)...we feel a huge need to get our clothes out of boxes and luggage and organized.  I feel like I want to throw most of my clothing away...and start over....but we'll see.  I did purge quite a bit when I was packing to move....
Some of my crystals got damaged and one whole one missing from the, I will have to look for replacement crystals to match eventually.  Note to self....IF I EVER MOVE AGAIN...which preferably that will NEVER happen.....remove all crystals to chandeliers before moving and trying to hang the light!  This project of hanging the chandelier was not easy at took hours....I had no idea...and both of our backs hurt and we were very stressed after husband says they get quite a lot of money for electricians to hang chandeliers...something like 200-300 dollars!  I now believe it -whereas before I could not even fathom that.  It was hard.  Not looking forward to the other 5 chandeliers (at least!) to hang!

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